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the love of plants

as the years pass....

remembering the young years of life at my Grandmothers place....scouring the fields for berries to make mud pies and weeds to wash my hair so it would be shiny was all in a days play. now is not so much different. 

dressing up like a spaceman at times to wildcraft jewelweed is quite a challenge....since it is the anecdote for poison ivy. it has taught me well. almost every patch of jewelweed has poison ivy growing right next to it. 

since i'm highly allergic to poison can imagine the fun i have. one thing leads to another....finding a way to heal it quickly and stop the horrid itch and pain  became part of the mission. it goes...i've created lots of remedies. i love the creative process and i'm well suited to grow, research and implement the finished product.

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